Dr. Krishna Prasad A R ,MBBS, MS (Gen. Surg.), FRCS (Glasg), FRCS (CTh ), MD (Manch)

Profile and Area of Expertise

Dr. A R Krishna Prasad is working as the Director and Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Medicover Hospitals, Hyderabad. He has extensive knowledge and wide years of experience.

He performs around 100 cardiac surgical procedures every month. He is a reputable, patient-centered, and accomplished specialist with a long history of successfully diagnosing, treating, and handling patients’ illnesses and diseases.

Area of Expertise:

  • Cardio Thoracic Surgeon / CT Surgeon
  • Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Surgeon
Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)

Current Position:

  • Consultant Cardio Thoracic Surgeon Medicover Hospitals – Hi Tech City,Hyderabad

Previous Positions:

  • Consultant Chief Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Sunshine Heart Institute, Hyderabad.
  • Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospitals, Hyderabad.
  • Specialist Registrar in Cardiac Surgery, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, Birmingham.
  • Specialist Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham.
  • Specialist registrar in Cardiac Surgery Leeds General infirmary, Leeds.
  • Clinical Research Fellow in Cardiothoracic surgery (SPR) Nottingham City Hospital, Nottingham.
  • Specialist registrar in Cardiac surgery Birmingham Children’s Hospital.
  • Specialist Registrar in Thoracic surgery Birmingham Heartlands Hospitals, Birmingham.
  • Specialist Registrar in Cardiothoracic Surgery The Queen Elizabeth Hospitals, Birmingham.
  • Senior House Officer in Cardiothoracic Surgery Aug 2000 – Jun 2001.
  • Senior House Officer in Cardiothoracic Surgery Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad, India.
  • Senior House Officer in General Surgery Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad, India.
Education & Certificates
  • MBBS – Gandhi Medical College – 1994 – Hyderabad
  • MS – General Surgery – Osmania Medical College – 1999 – Hyderabad
  • FRCS – University of Glasgow – 2000 – Glasgow – UK
  • FRCS – Cardiothoracic Surgery – University of Glasgow – 2008 – Glasgow – UK
  • MD – University of Manchester – 2010 – Manchester – UK
  • Distinctions in Biochemistry and General surgery
  • College level prizes in Poetry and Cricket
  • Second prize for best presentation at Midlands Cardiothoracic Meeting Feb 2005
Publications & Presentations
  • Intraperitoneal microdialysis a novel method of measuring anaerobic metabolism during on pump CABG. Accepted for publication in Scandinavian Cardiovascular journal.
  • The effect of Fenoldopam and Dopexamine on cytokine and endotoxin release following on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting: a prospective randomised double-blind trial. Adluri RK, Singh AV, Skoyles J, Robins A, Parton J, Baker M, Mitcehll IM. Heart Surg Forum. 2010 Dec;13(6): E353-61.
  • Effect of increased pump flow on hepatic blood flow and systemic inflammatory response following on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting. Adluri RK, Singh AV, Skoyles J, Hitch T, Robins A, Baker M, Mitchell IM. Perfusion; 2010. Sep;25(5): 293-303.
  • Briefing and debriefing in the cardiac operating room. Analysis of impact on theatre team attitude and patient safety. Papaspyros SC, Javangula KC, Adluri RK, O’Regan DJ. Interact Cardiovasc Thorac Surg. 2010 Jan;10(1):43-7.
  • The effect of fenoldopam and dopexamine on hepatic blood flow and hepatic function following coronary artery bypass grafting with hypothermic cardiopulmonary bypass. Adluri RK, Singh AV, Skoyles J, Robins A, Hitch A, Baker M, Mitchell IM. Eur J Cardiothorac Surg May 2009. 35:988-994.
  • Successful management of multiple permanent pacemaker complications–infection, 13 year old silent lead perforation and exteriorisation following failed percutaneous extraction, superior vena cava obstruction, tricuspid valve endocarditis, pulmonary embolism and prosthetic tricuspid valve thrombosis. Kaul P, Adluri K, Javangula K, Baig W. J Cardiothorac Surg. 2009 Feb 24;4:12. Review.
  • Changes in potassium concentration and haematocrit associated with cardiopulmonary bypass in paediatric cardiac surgery. Vohra HA, Adluri K, Willets R, Horsburgh A, Barron DJ, Brawn WJ. Perfusion. 2007 Mar;22(2):87-92.
  • Pulmonary Blastoma – a rare tumor with variable presentation. RKP Adluri, S Boddu, A Martin-Ucar, J P Duffy, FD Beggs, WE Morgan. Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. Nov 2005.
  • Does Site Matter – a case report. A Rengarajan, K Adluri, Perks G, IS Birdi; Mar –Apr 2006. British Journal of Cardiology.
  • Aneurysms of Sinus of valsalva following infective endocarditis. K Adluri, CJ Smallpeice; British Journal of Cardiology; March- April 2005.
  • Member of Indian Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons
  • Member of European Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons
  • English, Hindi, Telugu

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