Dr. Rajkoti Reddy G, MBBS, DNB (Internal Medicine)

Profile and Area of Expertise

Dr. Rajkoti Reddy is known for her quick ability to discern and narrow down the patient’s ailment, which goes a long way in timely and effective patient treatment. His varied past experience in dealing with multiple patients, including working in Sunshine hospital Hyderabad, his research exposure trained her to deal with complex and critical situations. He is a firm believer in educating the patient about his/her ailment prior to prescribing the cure, keeping in mind the ensuing psychological benefits to both, the patient and family. His holistic approach to the health covering all systems of the body helps to identify early the disease like cancer, heart disease etc. He specializes in evidence-based multi-disciplinary approach which integrates pathophysical rationale, patient preferences, valid clinical research & doctors experience to secure best results in preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic care.

Area Of Expertise:

  • All viral & infectious diseases including Covid-19
  • Life style disorders like obesity, hypertension, diabetes, dyslipidemia
  • Geriatrics
  • Comprehensive diabetic care
  • Fevers of unknown origin
  • Complications in adolscentents and reproductive age group
  • Overall women health including post-menopausal conditions
  • Medical disorders during pregnancy
  • Critical care Asthma, TB, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory infections
  • Kidney and Urinary Tract infections
Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)

Current Position:

  • Consultant Internal Medicine, AIG Hospitals, Gachibowli, Hyderabad

Previous Position:

  • Consultant Internal Medicine, Sunshine Hospital
Education & Certificates
  • MBBS
  • DNB (Internal Medicine) – Sunshine Hospitals, Secunderabad
  • Update Coming Soon
Publications & Presentations
  • Thesis on Clinical profile of hyponatremia in elderly hospitalized patients approved by the national board of examination New Delhi
  • Update Coming Soon
  • English, Hindi, Telugu

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