Dr. Ravinder Reddy C ,MBBS, M.S, MCH

Profile and Area of Expertise

Dr Ravinder Reddy is a Consultant Urologist based in Hyderabad. He holds his expertise in treatment and management of all Urological diseases like; Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), Bladder Cancer, Female Urology, Incontinence, Kidney Cancer, Paediatric Urology, Peyronies disease, Prostate Cancer, Recurring Urinary Tract Infection, Renal Transplantation, Sexual Dysfunction, Stone Disease, and Testicular Cancer. He is an experienced doctor and with his knowledge and skills he has treated a number of patients with satisfactory results. Attending workshops and seminars is something which helps him walk hand-in-hand with the new technological advancements in the field of Urology.

Area of Expertise:

  • Endourology and Andrology
  • Renal Stones, Cysoscope, Resectoscopy, Urethrotome, Ureterorenoscopy, Laparoscopy Urological surgeries, Male Sexual Problems
  • Minimally Invasive Urology, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Vasectomy, Blood in Urine(Hematuria)
  • Male Infertility, Female Urology, Uro Oncology, Pediatric Urology
Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)

Current Position:

  • Consultant OMNI Hospitals – 2015 – Currently Working

Previous Positions:

  • Consultant Star Fertilisers – 2009 – 2011
  • Consultant Urology Srikara Hospitals- Miyapur
Education & Certificates
  • MBBS – Osmania Medical College – 2002 – Hyderabad
  • MS – General Surgery – Kakatiya Medical College, – 2007 – Warangal
  • MCh – Urology – Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences – 2015 – Hyderabad
  • G.M. Phadke Fellowship of Urology Society of India
  • K.L. Ashok Kumar best moderated Poster Award
  • IPCA Urosciences award of Urology Society of India
  • Guntur neonephro Society Quiz Prize
Publications & Presentations
  • Update Coming Soon
  • Urological Society of India (USI)
  • English, Hindi, Telugu

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