Shambhavi Das, Doctor of Philosophy

Profile and Area of Expertise

I am an Indian Classical Vocalist, Music Therapist and founder of Surdemy, which offers Music Lessons and also Therapy Sessions. Through Music Therapy I help children with disabilities like Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia, Downs, Hypertension. And also adults suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, Insomnia, MDD, OCD etc. I also contribute to B-Positive magazine.

I worked at Ananya Child Care Development Centre for treating Autistic Kids; Currently, I am also assisting Dr. Meenakshi Ravi in her Clinic in Hyderabad called Nadamaya Centre for Music Therapy, helping her in treating Autistic kids. I am also achieving special Music Therapy Training (Healing through Chakra Activation by renowned Music therapist Dr. Rajam Shankar. I am also associated with IMTA- Indian Music Therapy Association and currently enjoy pursuing projects with Dr. T.V. Sairam (Founder & Head, IMTA & Nada)

Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)
  • Founder Surdemy center for music therapy
Education & Certificates
  • PhD in Indian Classical Music-2012
  • Diploma of education, biology of music, Music Therapy from Duke University-2019
  • Music Therapy/Therapist-NADA Center for Music Therapy-2015-2016

Awards & Achievements:

  • Smt Radha Sairam creative Music Therapist of the year award-2021
  • ‘Best Teacher Award’ by SCL Rhythm Maestro Group, Mumbai
  • ‘Award of Excellence in Nada Centre for Music Therapy
  • Savyasachi Best Educator Award
  • Most Inspiring Woman Award
  • Shatakshi Women Award
  • 2009 – Awarded from Ministry of Culture, Delhi
  • 2007 -Awarded national scholarship from MHRD Ministry of Culture, (in ghazal category for 2 years)
Publications & Presentations


  • I frequently present papers related to music and music therapy in order to promote this burgeoning field especially Music therapy through Indian musical tools. I have presented around 40 papers on music therapy so far. Here are a few papers which I have presented:
  • “Music Therapy and Mental Health Techniques for children with Developmental Disabilities” Presentation in IMTA- webinars
  • “Music Therapy and Culture in Corporate Ethics and Value-Based Society” – Gitam University, Hyderabad. 2019: August 28th:
  • “Music Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Reduction”: Guest-Lecturer of Music therapy session in Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences; Hyderabad.
  • Therapeutic Significance of Listening to Appropriate Tunes on the Appropriate Time Zones”

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