Dr. Siddharth Chavali ,MD, DM (Neuroanaesthesiology & Critical Care)

Profile and Area of Expertise

Dr. Siddharth Chavali is a consultant neuroanesthesiologist & interventional pain physician at AIG Hospitals, Gachibowli.
After completing his MD in Anaesthesiology, he completed his subspecialty training in neuroanesthesiology at the prestigious AIIMS (All India Instisute of Medical Sciences), New Delhi. During his residency he also trained at the Neuro Critical Care Unit, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Cambridge as a visiting fellow.
He has a special interest in the management of chronic pain conditions with serval publications to his credits (Interventional Pain Medicine).

Area of Expertise:

  • Neurocritical Care & Interventional Pain Medicine
Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)
  • Consultant (Interventional Pain Medicine, Neuroanesthesiology & Neurocritical Care) – AIG Hospitals, Hyderabad – Jan 2021 – present
  • Associate Consultant (Neuroanesthesiology & Neurocritical Care) – Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Pune – Jan 2020 – Jan 2021
  • Senior Resident (Neuroanaesthesiology & Critical Care) – All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi – Sep 2016 – Jan 2020
  • Visiting Fellow – Neurocritical Care – Neurocritical Care Unit, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, UK – Nov 2018 – Dec 2018
  • Junior Resident (Anaesthesiology) – M.K.C.G. Medical College & Hospital, Berhampur – Aug 2013 – Aug 2016
  • House Surgeon – B.J.M.C & Sassoon General Hospital, Pune – Aug 2011 – Aug 2012
Education & Certificates
  • D.M. (Neuroanaesthesiology & Critical Care) : AIIMS, New Delhi (December, 2019)
  • M.D. (Anaesthesiology) : M.K.C.G. Medical College (Berhampur Univ.) (August, 2016)
  • M.B.B.S. Luzhou Medical College (Sichuan Univ.) (October, 2012)


  • Certified as BLS / ACLS provider in September, 2019
  • Certified as ENLS provider in April, 2019
  • Certified as ATLS provider (S. No 43006-P) in July, 2013
  • Awarded the ISNACC visit grant to attend training in Addenbrooke’s Hospital in November, 2018
  • Awarded the Neurological Society of India travel grant to present a paper at EuroNeuro 2018 in Brussels.
Publications & Presentations

Research & Publications

  • Traumatic subclavian arterial thrombosis presenting with cerebral infarct – a case report – S Chavali, U Shukla, S Chauta. Heart, Lung and Circulation, 2013: 23, Issue 10, e202 – e206
  • Hand hygiene compliance among healthcare workers inan accredited tertiary care hospital – S Chavali, V Menon, U Shukla. Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine, Volume 18, Issue 10, 2014; Page: 689-693
  • Haemodynamic effects of etomidate and propofol on induction of general anaesthesia and endotracheal intubation- A clinical comparison. – Dalai H, Nanda S, Mishra J, Lahiry S, Chavali S, Routray D. Journal of Evidence Based Medicine & Healthcare. 2017; 4(3), 131-135.
  • A Clinical Comparison between Intrathecal and Intravenous Infusion of Magnesium Sulphate as an Adjuvant to Hyperbaric 0.5% Bupivacaine in Spinal Anaesthesia for Elective Infraumbilical Surgeries. – Dalai HK, Nanda S, Chavali S. Annals of International Medical & Dental Research 2017; 3(2):AN23-AN29.
  • Post-operative complications in patients undergoing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion: A retrospective review – Yadav R, Chavali S, Chaturvedi A, Rath GP. Journal of Neuroanaesthesiololgy & Critical Care 2017; 4:170-4
  • Clinical Comparison of I-Gel Supraglottic Airway Device and Cuffed Endotracheal Tube for Pressure-Controlled Ventilation During Routine Surgical Procedures – Dhanda A, Singh S, Bhalotra AR, Chavali S. Turkish Journal of Anaesthesiology & Reanimation. 2017 Oct;45(5):270-276
  • Persistent hypertensive response following dexmedetomidine infusion in a patient with cervical spinal cord injury – Chavali S, Singh S, Kaushal A, Khandelwal A, Roy H. Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice 2018. 9. 426.
  • Management of traumatic brain injury patients – Dash HH, Chavali S. Korean Journal of Anesthesiology 2018;71(1):12-21.
  • Gas analyzer aberrancy: Due to disinfectant? – B Bindu, H Prabhakar, S Chavali. Journal of Anaesthesiology & Clinical Pharmacology 2018. 34 (3), 421
  • Recurrent transient episodes of left bundle branch block immediately following surgery–A rare phenomenon – S Chavali, G Singh, H Prabhakar, A Chaturvedi. Indian Journal of Anesthesia 2019, 63(2), 153-155
  • Diplopia following Extraoral Maxillary Nerve Blockade for Trigeminal Neuralgia – S Chavali, GP Rath, PK Bithal. Journal of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care 2018, 5 (03), 193-194
  • Reflex bradycardia due to traction on filum terminale during detethering of spinal cord – S Chavali, K Das, S Sokhal, GP Rath. Neurology India 2019; 67 (3), 889
  • Organization of a Neurointensive Care Unit – S Chavali, OA Siddiqui, GP Rath. Journal of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care 2019; 06(03):182-186.
  • Fever in the Neurointensive Care Unit – S Chavali, M Tripathi, V Rajagopalan. Journal of Neuroanaesthesiology and Critical Care 2019; 06(03):275-283.
  • Management of trigeminal neuralgia during COVID-19 pandemic – S Chavali, GP Rath, V Rajagopalan, A Chaturvedi. Asian Journal of Neurosurgery, 2020 Oct;15(4):1102.
  • Perioperative challenges during emergency spine surgery in a patient with right atrial thrombus – S Chavali, R Mamualiya, H Roy, GP Rath. Journal of Neuroanesthesiology and Critical Care, 2020. doi: 10.1055/s-0040-1715921.
  • The Neurocritical Care Society of India and the Indian Society of Neuroanesthesiology and Critical Care joint position statement and advisory on the practice of Neurocritical Care during the COVID19 pandemic – P Vanamoorthy, GP Singh, PU Bidkar, R Mitra, K Sriganesh, S Chavali, R Muthuchellapan, V Keshavan, S Anand, K Goyal, R Yadav, GP Rath, S Srivastava – Journal of Neuroanesthesiology & Critical Care 2020;7:128-139.
  • Initial experience of critically ill patients with COVID-19 in western India: a case series. U Shukla, S Chavali, P Mukta, A Mapari, A Vyas. Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine 2020; 24(7):509-513.
  • Practice Changing Articles in Neuroanesthesiology and Neurocritical Care in Recent Years: A Literature Review. Chavali S, Dash HH. Neurology India. 2021 May 1;69(3):573.
  • Brain Death Diagnosis for Potential Organ Donors During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Chavali S, Rath GP, Sengupta D, Dube SK. Neurology India. 2021 Jul 1;69(4):995.
  • Patient Characteristics and clinical and intraoperative variables affecting outcome in pediatric traumatic brain injury. A Dhanda, A Bindra, R Dhakal, S Chavali, GP Singh, PK Singh, P Mathur. Journal of Neuroanesthesiology & Critical Care 2021;00:1-8.
  • Conferences attended
  • 1st Annual Conference of Neurocritical Care Society of India (ANCU 2020) – Faculty for ‘Acute Neurocritical Care Course’
  • 22nd Annual Conference Of Indian Society Of Neuroanesthesiology And Critical Care (ISNACC 2021) – Faculty for lecture on pupillometry.
  • Invited Faculty for lecture on ‘Neurophysiological Monitoring In Neuro And Cardiac Anesthesia’ organized by ESIC Medical College, Hyderabad – 2021.
  • 2nd Annual Conference of Neurocritical Care Society of India (NCSI 2021) – Invited Judge for scientific paper session.
  • Neurointensive Care Update 2021 – Universita’ Degli Studi Di Milano Bicocca, Italy.
  • EuroNeuro 2018 – Presented the paper ‘Changes in Thromboelastometry in patients undergoing epilepsy surgery’ in the ‘Best papers – Neuroanesthesiology’ session.
  • ASNACC – Japan, 2019 – Poster presentation.
  • NICE Symposium – Hyderabad, 2018 – Faculty for the hands-on workshop on Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound
  • AIIMS Neuroanaesthesia Update, 2019 – Faculty for the workshop on Neuro-Nursing Care
  • AIIMS Neuroanaesthesia Update, 2018 – Coordinated the hands-on workshop on Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound
  • AIIMS Neuroanaesthesia Update 2015, 2016, 2017 – New Delhi
  • 24th Annual Conference ISA (East Zone), 2014 – Presented the free paper ‘Intrathecal vs intravenous magnesium sulphate as adjuvants to hyperbaric bupivacaine in spinal anaesthesia for elective lower abdominal surgeries’
  • Member of Society of Neuroanaesthesiology & Critical Care, USA.
  • Member of Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists: Regn. No. S4658
  • Member of Indian Society of Neuroanaesthesiology & Critical Care: Regn No. LMS – 91
  • Member of Neurocritical Care Society: Regn No. 26380
  • Member of Neurological Society of India: Regn No. 1294678
  • Member of Indian Society of Critical Care Medicine: Regn No. 20/C-564.
  • Member of European Federation of Pain Medicine.
  • English, Hindi, Telugu

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