Dr. Vamsi Krishna Nagalla ,MBBS MD DM Nephrology

Profile and Area of Expertise

Dr. Vamsi Krishna Nagalla is a Consultant Nephrologist at APOLLO hospital, Secunderabad

Area of Expertise:

  • Performing Renal Biopsy, Insertion of perma catheter (tunneled catheter), percutaneous insertion of CAPD catheter, insertions of untunnelled catheters. Involved in more than 250 renal transplants both live and deceased donor during residency period
Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)

Current Position:

  • Consultant Nephrologist at APOLLO hospital, Secunderabad from January 2020

Previous Positions:

  • Consultant Nephrologist at ESIC Superspecialty hospital, Sanathnagar from September 2018 to December 2019
Education & Certificates
  • MBBS – March 2011, OMC, Hyderabad
  • MD General Medicine – May 2015, NIMS, Hyderabad
  • DM Nephrology – July 2018, NIMS, Hyderabad
  • 1st Runner up in Torrent young scholar award in February 2018.
  • ‘Best Resident’ award during senior residency at NIMS
Publications & Presentations
  • During post graduation (MD)
    ‘Acquired antibody mediated pure red cell aplasia’- paper at AP APICON 2012
    ‘Delayed onset renal dysfunction in HIV patient on tenofovir based ART’- poster at ASICON 2013
    ‘Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever with post viral demyelination’- poster at APICON 2014
    During DM course
  • Mandarapu S, Krishna V, Raju SB, Pamidimukkala U, Nimmagadda S. Saprochaete capitata fungal infection in renal transplant recipient. Indian J Nephrol 2016;26:464-6
    Nagalla V K, Raju SB, Ramesh BNR. Arterial thrombosis associated with factor V Leiden mutation in a child with Nephrotic syndrome. Accepted for publication by Indian Journal of Nephrology
    Golla A, Goli R, Nagalla V K, Kiran B V, Raju D, Uppin M S. Warfarin-related nephropathy. Accepted for publication by Indian Journal of Nephrology
    Pamidimukkala U, Kancharla A, Sudhaharan S, Gundeti S, Mandarapu S, Nagalla VK, Raju SB, Karanam SD. Isolation of the Rare Opportunistic Yeast Saprochaete capitata from Clinical Samples-Experience from a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern India and a Brief Review of the Literature. J ClinDiagn Res. 2017 Sep; 11(9):DC36-DC42


  • ‘Parvovirus induced anemia in renal transplant recipient’- oroposter at ISOT 2016
  • ‘Analysis of lipid profile in relation to echocardiographic parameters in CKD stage5 commencing MHD’- poster at ISNCON 2016
  • ‘Effect of hsCRP and ferritin on renal anemia’- poster at ISNCON 2016
  • ‘Bile cast nephropathy secondary to obstructive jaundice due to choledocholithiasis: case report’- poster at ISNCON 2016
  • ‘Intra-arterial thrombolysis for acute thrombosis of AVF: Experience at tertiary care center’ – paper at AVATAR 2017
  • ‘Audit of Vascular access in a tertiary care hospital from south India’ – poster at AVATAR 2017
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  • English, Hindi, Telugu

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