Dr. Raghu T, MD Psychiatry (Ayur), M.Sc(Psy)

Profile and Area of Expertise

At Consciousness Foundation, Sathsang will be lead by Dr. Raghu whose positive vibes will create perfect atmosphere to connect with the divine. Dr.Raghu is mostly a healer and breathwork therapist and he holds a Masters Degree in Psychiriatry in “Manovignana evam Manasa roga” (Ayurveda medicine)
There is a quest in each one of us to know who we are apart from this physical body and mind? Quest to know about the creation and creator? About the purpose of life?

Consciousness foundation has been formed to Guide people in their quest to find answers to all the unanswered questions plaguing mankind.

The Main Aims are:
To facilitate healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

To guide people on their journey to self-discovery through individual and group healing sessions, awareness programs, and workshops.

Sath- means reality. To associate oneself with Truth is called Satsang. While Outer Sathsang will help us to evolve, Inner Sathsang helps us to raise our consciousness and connects with actual being. Sathsang is a Traditional activity in the Indian spiritual context, meaning “being with righteous companions”.

Breath Therapy Training program:
Conciousness Foundation strongly believes that “ A healthy mind only can create a helathy Society”. Moving in this direction, Conciouness Foundation developed few techniques with other engagement programs to inspire behaviors that will benefit communities for the greater good in total wellbeing. These programs are designed to Build a healthy world by using “Breathwork” as a main tool. These initiatives run with a focus on the development strategies to engage a community in sustainable actions.

Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)
  • Founder at Consciousness Foundation
Education & Certificates
  • MD Psychiatry (Ayurveda)
  • M.Sc(Psy)
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Publications & Presentations
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  • English, Hindi, Telugu

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