Dr.Ram Mohan Reddy, MBBS

Profile and Area of Expertise

Dr Ram Mohan is a therapist at Chakrasiddh,Hyderabad

Area Of Expertise:

Treatment of Back pain, Slip disc, Disk prolapse, Spondylosis, Sciatica, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tennis elbow

About Chakrasiddh: Nadi Vaidya is a branch of Siddha that involves the manipulation of energy channels in the body to cure diseases or relieve pain. Nadis are energy channels connecting various pressure points; as per Nadi Vaidya, there are 72,000 energy channels in the human body.

Sathya Sindhuja, the Chief Healer at Chakrasiddh began training in Nadi Vaidya at the tender age of four, under the guidance of her beloved grandmother. By the age of 12, Sindhuja had mastered Nadi Vaidya and had begun healing patients. Nearly 25 years later, she’s still using this wealth of knowledge she inherited from her family to treat a wide array of illnesses.

During her years of sadhana, she practiced music, dance, martial arts and Ayurveda to become a befitting Siddhar. For Sindhuja, the practice of Siddha is not only a career path, but also a spiritual path – one that she believes in strongly.

Experience (Current Position & Previous Positions)
  • Dr Ram Mohan is a therapist at Chakrasiddh, Hyderabad
Education & Certificates
  • MBBS
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Publications & Presentations
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  • English, Hindi, Telugu

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